Recipe: Westport Bay Scallops with Bottarga and Pomegranate

We have a new product in our midst, which you may already know about thank to our email blasts and inability to put anything else up on Instagram. These bay scallops are so fresh and lively that cooking them just may be a sin, so here is a take on a raw preparation that is sure to please while being just off the beaten path.

winter is coming

winter is coming

12 ea. Live Westport Bay Scallops, shucked with one shell from each saved and cleaned

½ c. Cooked soba noodles
2 T Pomegranate arils
Bottarga (grey mullet is preferable)
Finishing salt
Lemon juice
Daikon cress or other microgreens
Olive Oil

· Toss the bay scallops meats in lemon juice and olive oil and set aside

· Arrange the scallops sell on a platter lined with crushed ice

· In each shell, place a small twirl of soba noodles, creating a hole in the middle

· Nestle one scallop per shell in the middle of each soba twirl and top with a few pomegranate arils

· Generously grate the bottarga over each shell

· Season with a touch of finishing salt and top with cress or greens and serve immediately