We are oyster growers.

Growing oysters is our passion, and we're growing Massachusetts' finest. Find us in Duxbury and Barnstable every day of the week. Watch an introduction to what we do.
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Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts

In 2010, we acquired our first oyster farm in Duxbury. The Standish Shore Oyster Farm is named after the peninsula southwest of the site where the Standish Shore Monument looks over Duxbury Bay. We seeded 400,000 oysters the first growing season. Since then, the farm has grown a ton, and today, the crew grows more than four million oysters a year.

Duxbury Bay is the main ingredient that makes our oyster so special. Massive tides flood the bay with nutrient-right waters twice a day. The water is just warm enough to provide plenty of food, yet just cold enough to keep them plump all year long. Aside from their pristine provenance, our oysters receive a ton of care and attention, which make them stand above the rest.

The Standish Shore Oyster Farm produces four grades of Standish Shore Oysters and Model T Oysters. Standish Shores are first grown in oyster cages, then planted on the bottom for final growout. Model T Oysters are grown in oyster trays.

Visit the Standish Shore Oyster website to see more of the farm.

Barnstable, Massachusetts

In 2016, we partnered with shellfish industry veteran, David Cranshaw, to start Blish Point Oyster Farm. The farm is located in Barnstable Harbor, an area known for its shellfish aquaculture. Barnstable is a great place to grow oysters because of its fast currents and tides, which supply abundant amounts of food to keep oysters fatter for longer in any given season. The constant wave action also naturally tumbles the oysters to keep them clean and consistent.

Our farm grows two grades of oysters, Blish Points and Salten Rocks. Blish Point Oysters are cocktail size, and Salten Rocks oysters are select size. All oyster seed is started in oyster bags, then moved to oyster trays for final growout.

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