Recipe: Maine Uni Butter

Uni butter on seared short rib in the pangea office

Uni butter on seared short rib in the pangea office

by Bekah Angoff

During the holiday season, we tend to elevate everyday fare in order to impress. There are restaurant buy-outs, cocktail parties, house warmings, and family mosh pits that require a certain level of entertaining. Now, how can we do this without putting ourselves out, over and over, and leave some money our pockets? This compound butter is a simple way to dress up anything from roasted oysters, to seared meats, or even just simple crostini. We served it with rare short rib, satsuma oranges, and radishes. A little goes a long way, and remember, pinkies up!


Maine Uni Butter

¼# unsalted cultured butter – room temperature
1 tray (60g) Maine Uni
3 Lime leaves, fine chiffonade
1 Scallion (green only) fine chiffonade
1t. chili powder
½ lime; juiced
Kosher Salt
Amber Agave nectar

·         Press the uni through a fine sieve and set aside in the refrigerator

·         In a mixer, whip the crap out of the butter until it is light in color and fluffy

·         Add in the lime leaves and scallions, still whipping at high speed until thoroughly combined

·         At low speed, add in the uni, chili powder, a splash of lime juice, a heavy pinch of salt, and a drop or two of agave

·         Taste and re-season as needed

·         Transfer the butter to sheet of saran wrap, arranging it in a log shape.

·         Roll the wrap over the butter log and tie off at either end, making a tight tube

·         Chill the butter overnight so all the flavors can meld

·         The chilled butter can be sliced or re-whipped, depending on your application