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Quilcene Oyster

Quilcene Bay, WA
On the northern end of Hood Canal, seawater from the glacial valley extends from Dabob Bay into Quilcene Bay, an area with incredible marine biodiversity. The Quilcene tribe were known as the "saltwater people," and shellfishing has always been central to this community. Quilcene Oysters are clean and pristine just like the area they are grown in.


Product Specifications
  • Specie:
    Crassostrea gigas
  • Origin:
    Quilcene Bay, WA
  • Farmed: 3 to 4 years
  • Average Size:
    3 inches
  • Available:
Flavor Profile
Full meats, crisp brine, and a clean melon finish.
Suggested Pairing:
Pinot gris
Brine Intensity
Growout method
Beach-grown and subjected to wave action to harden shells. Intertidally grown - goes dry at low tide, which strengthens adductor muscle.
Site Details
  • Tides:
    Quilcene Bay; medium tides and swift currents that flood Hood Canal passing through Dabob Bay.
  • Bottom:
    Sand and rock.
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