Blue Point Oysters
Westport/Norwalk, CT

Bluepoints have been a fixture on oyster menus since the early 1800s when wild oysters were harvested in Long Island's Great South Bay near the town of Bluepoint, NY.  Today, oysters from Connecticut to Virginia are sold as bluepoints.  We stick to Connecticut Bluepoints for superior shell quality, meat fill and flavor. 



Production: Farmed/Wild
Availability: Year-round
Size: 3.5+ inches
Appearance: Large white to brown shells
Flavor: Medium salinity, springy meat, light mineral finish.


growout method

Oyster seed is harvested from wild managed beds, and transplanted to private leases for bottom growout. 


The Westport/Norwalk island chain feature cold, nutrient rich shallow waters with swift currents and sandy bottoms. 

site details

Salinity: 2.4%
Tides: Medium, shallow waters
Bottom: Oyster cultch (shells), sandy