Shuck of the Week: East Beach Blonde and Anchor Bay Oysters

East Beach Blonde Oysters

I thought the East Beach were great. They seemed like they were bottom-cultured as they were big, strong, thick-shelled, and sturdy. Liquor was good, but the meat fill lacked a little. They were very easy to open, but not weak. Very salty, but the meat had a sweetness that evened it out a bit. I really enjoyed these!

East Beach Blonde Oysterology

Anchor Bay Oysters

Wow, these things were big! I would say around 4.5 inches with a very consistent, pretty shell. They were pretty tough to shuck, but once in, the meat filled the entire shell and had plenty of liquor as well. I literally had to eat it in 2 bites because it was so big. The flavor was not my favorite… pretty creamy with a minerally aftertaste. I typically like the Pacific flavors, but there was a lot going on in these oysters. Overall, I ranked them an 8 based on exceptional looks and meat content. They would really stand out in a raw bar!

Anchor Bay Oysterology