Shuck of the Week: Cotuit Bay and Salt Nugget Oysters

Connie Lu
May 17, 2020
August 28, 2015

COTUIT BAY – 9 / 10 overall

The winner this week! The Cotuit Bays were hearty, delicious, and close to perfect. The bag weighed over 33 pounds! Although they were running large, they had the perfect tear drop shape of an Atlantic Oyster and beautiful green hues on its shell. Best of all, the meat fill was impressive. Shucking was easy and meats were filled to the brim. They reminded me of the beloved Wild Onsets we see each fall. I did dock some points for consistency and shape since there was some variation between large and larger oysters. Looks aside, they tasted great – clean salt content with a nice vegetal flavor. (I’ve been recommending these all week!)

SALT NUGGET – 8 / 10 overall

Thank god for no more spawny oysters. Meats were a little translucent and lacked sweetness, but given the time of year, I was very impressed by how full the Salt Nuggets were. Just as their name describes, it was straight salt. Shuckability was great, liquor full and briny, and cups were substantial. I gave above average scores to most of the categories, but consistency could have been better. Some oysters were longer or wider than others, but since this is a wild oyster, I think the harvesters did a pretty good job culling. A good pick for oyster lovers who like salt.


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