Shuck of the Week: Standish Shore and Totten Inlet Oysters

Connie Lu
May 17, 2020
December 8, 2014

Standish Shore Oysters

I've been on the Standish farm a couple of times this fall, but never did a shucking at the shop, so I decided to check out the quality of our own oysters. And without fail, the Standish Shores were beauties (wouldn't expect anything less from you Ben)! They were such a pleasure to shuck - no shell breakage, nice pop with a twist of the wrist, and super clean on the inside. Flavor-wise, it was superb. I don't think a Duxbury oyster can ever disappoint. All the meats were full, sweet, buttery, and the right balance of flavor with a nice, mild brine. They received very very high marks this time of year!

Click here for Standish Shore Oysterology®.

Totten Inlet Oysters

Totten Inlets are typically a solid choice for a West Coast oyster, so I decided to shuck a few to check out how they were doing this time of year. As expected, the Totten tasted delicious! Great meat fill, creamy, and had its wonderful signature melon seaweed finish. Unfortunately, I did dock a few points when it came to the shells. The oysters ranged a bit in size (from 3 to 3.5 inches) and though they were easy to open, some crumbly shells fell into the cup while shucking. Overall, the nice beautiful meats still make it a good choice, but I expected more from them this time of year.

Click here for Totten Inlet Oysterology®.

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