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Coromandel Oyster

Coromandel Peninsula, NZ
The nutrient rich waters surrounding the Coromandel Peninsula remain totally pollution-free resulting in one of the cleanest tasting oysters imaginable. Coromandels are medium-sized oysters with deep cups, beautifully ridged shells, and plump, firm meats.


Product Specifications
  • Specie:
    Crassostrea gigas
  • Origin:
    Coromandel Peninsula, NZ
  • Farmed; 1 to 2 years
  • Average Size:
  • Available:
    April -September
Flavor Profile
Plump, buttery meat, rich, briny liquor, and a pronounced cucumber finish with hints of melon.
Suggested Pairing:
Brine Intensity
Growout method
Site Details
  • Tides:
    Firth of Thames: two tides each day and 1/3 of time suspended out of water
  • Bottom:
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