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Chebooktook Oyster

Bouctouche Bay, New Brunswick
Chebooktook Oysters ("che-book-took") are named after Bouctouche Bay's original Micmac name, "Great Little Harbour." Pristine waters, ideal conditions, and 27 years of experience culminate in this exceptionally tasty oyster.


Product Specifications
  • Specie:
    Crassostrea virginica
  • Origin:
    Bouctouche Bay, New Brunswick
  • Farmed: 4 to 6 years
  • Average Size:
    3 inches
  • Available:
Flavor Profile
Balanced salinity with large, smooth meats and a sweet, brothy finish.
Suggested Pairing:
Brine Intensity
Growout method
Cages are suspended underneath a network of buoys. Once market size, transferred to trays anchored to the bottom. Harvested by hand.
Site Details
  • Tides:
    Bouctouche Bay; nutrient-rich waters fed from the Northumberland Strait.
  • Bottom:
    Clay and graveled bottom.
the Grower

In 1995, Serge LeBlanc, a graduate from the University of Moncton in biology, knew that the ideal conditions of Bouctouche Bay would allow the native oyster to be cultivated and served on dinner plates around the world.His philosophy was to get the oysters off the seafloor in floating cages, away from mud flats and position them at the right depth in the water column where phytoplankton is most abundant and with a little care nature would do the rest. The idea of suspended cages was born. In 2016, the idea of marketing the perfect oyster from the perfect bay came to light with the building of a new plant called Great Little Harbour Seafood Company.

In partnership with Alliance Seafood, Great Little Harbour shares Sergeʼs enthusiasm for the oyster, its quality and most importantly, an all-around gastronomic experience.