Olympia Oysters 
Henderson Bay, WA

This oyster has seen a great comeback over the last decade as restorative efforts after the Gold Rush depleted stock almost completely at the turn of the century. Its slow growth produces a deeply complex and unique flavor profile that has been so elusive to us for too long.


Production: Farmed
Year Round
Size: about 2 inches
Appearance: thin slate colored shells with wide bills
Flavor Profile: Plump and bursting meats with a sweet copper and roasted shellfish finish

site details

  • Salinity: varies by tide < 3.5% full oceanic salinity

  • Tides: 1.0 tidal range in deep waters

  • Bottom Makeup: Sand and rock

Growout Method

Hatchery seed is cared for in protective bags while they grow slowly in deep, cold, nutrient-rich waters. Time to market is 4-5 years.



About the Grower

When Minterbrook Oyster Farm owner Kent Kingman took over the reins from Beverly Wiksten in 2011, he bought an industrial pillar of the Key Peninsula community with roots that date back to 1931.

The Minterbrook plant is located in a park-like setting with a beautiful backdrop of the ever-changing tidelands of Minter Bay with Mt Rainier framed in the background.  With an amazing variety of wildlife all around (deer, eagles, salmon, seals and birds of all sorts); people love to come and enjoy the beauty of the setting besides taking home some of our excellent shellfish.