Copps Island
Norwalk Islands, Connecticut

Copps Island Oysters are from the highly acclaimed grounds off of Norwalk and Westport, Connecticut and are naturally sheltered by the Norwalk Islands. These are the oysters that made Blue Points famous. These oysters are grown and harvested by Norm Bloom & Son for over three generations and remains one of the best oysters coming out of the cold waters of Long Island Sound.


Production: Wild
Season: Year Round
Size: 3.5" - 4.5"
Appearance: Large White to Brown Shells
Flavor: Medium salinity, springy meats, mineral finish

Growout method

The oysters grow wild on the waters around the islands and are harvested with large 52' oyster boats that dredge the seafloor.   


The Westport/Norwalk island chain feature cold, nutrient rich shallow waters with swift currents and sandy bottoms. 

Site Details:
- Salinity: 2.4%
- Tides: Medium, shallow waters
- Bottom: Oyster cultch (shells), sandy


norm bloom photo.jpg


Norm Bloom came from a family of oystermen dating back to the 1940s in Norwalk, CT.  Norm has been oystering since the age of ten and learned from two of the best in the business; his father, Norman Sr. and his uncle Hillard Bloom, twin brothers and co-founders of Tallmadge Brothers Oyster Company.In 1994, Norm decided to break from the family business and founded Norm Bloom and Sons, LLC. From humble beginnings, this operation has now turned into one of the largest oyster farms on the east coast.