Shuck of the Week: Falmouth and Summerside Oysters

I was disappointed when I wasn't able to do a shucking last week, but we are back in full effect! I did Falmouth and Summerside this week and as usual was not disappointed in the quality of our oysters. Also, I invited Nick from Pangea and Lucas from Seaport Fish to confirm my findings. 


west falmouth oyster

I tried Falmouth oysters again because they are coming from a South Cape area rather than Buzzards Bay, and they have been coming in very large -- almost 4 inches! They received good marks across the board. They were very easy to shuck, great shell shape (very round, almost like a belon) and the flavor was outstanding! Very clean and a great mix of salt and sweet. The meat itself was pretty good since it was filling the shell a bit better than the past Falmouths, but still need a little work. Overall, a solid oyster especially for the cost!


I like to try these every once in a while because we have the US exclusive on them. These are a great culled PEI oyster that have been a staple of Pangea for years. They are of wild harvest so they boast a very strong shell, great meat fill and a nice cup. Shucking them was like a dream as the hinge is very pronounced. They open very easily even with a very hearty shell. The meat was bursting and the flavor was great. Very mild saltiness with a creamy fill, not overpowering at all. Still solid!