Shuck of the Week: Irish Point and Penn Cove Oysters

Connie Lu
May 17, 2020
October 29, 2014

Irish Points

These are cocktail gems! Shell shape doesn’t get better than this: from one to the next, they were almost identical! I gave shuckability a 5 out of 5 based on a strong shell, shell shape, ease of locating hinge, and inserting knife into shell. These would be a dream for any shucking contest! Meat was full even though the shell is smaller. Flavor was pretty unique as well since they start off pretty sweet, and then when you bite into them, you get this salty burst with a clean finish... They were very good!

Click here for Irish Point Oysterology.

Penn Coves

I figured I would shuck these as they are always my “go to” for a nice West Coast oyster. They didn’t disappoint. They are very pretty with a dark, ridged shell and most sit around the 3 to 3.25 inch mark. There were a lot of barnacles on the outside of the shell, so be careful while handling, but I think the barnacles add personality to this unique oyster. They have a very distinct deep cup and the meat inside fills every part of it. Unfortunately, they didn’t score as high as I expected in the shucking because I had to clean 2 out of the 3 opened for some broken shell with my knife. The flavor was a little earthy at first and then a mix of cream and salt came through in the end. 

Click here for Penn Cove Oysterology.

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