Shuck of the Week: Copps Island and Salt Nugget Oysters

I had the pleasure of shucking some beauties today! Shucked some Copps Island and Salt Nugget. All surprised me with their meat content -- very full and healthy!

Copps Island

copps island oyster

These Connecticut oysters can sell themselves. This particular harvester moves these oysters multiple times to avoid overcrowding on the beds and in turn, avoids a lot of the misshapen shells that can be typically found in Long Island Sound. The result of this process is a very consistent, large and thick shell full of meat! They were a very easy shuck as the hinge was very pronounced and the flavor included a mild saltiness with a clean finish.

Oysterology® coming soon.

Salt Nuggets

I figured we better shuck some West Coast oyster since there's a lack of East, so I went with the Salt Nuggets because the shells looked pretty interesting. Very pretty with a ridged top shell and pretty consistent in shape. The shell was a little thin, but I was still able to handle it with some force and not break it. The meat filled the shell, but it was a little translucent. Flavor was awesome… Very sweet, fruity taste with just a hint of salt in the background.

See Salt Nugget Oysterlogy® here.