Oyster of the Week: January 6, 2014

Connie Lu
May 17, 2020
January 6, 2014

Come get your oysters! Come get your oysters! It's 2014!

Happy New Years to all! This week, we have an amazing inventory of our own Standish Shore Oysters. These Duxbury, MA gems are looking good and ready to be slurped. If you're not familiar with our Standish Shore Oysters, then I will have to give you a brief introduction...

One of the numerous reasons that Pangea knows oysters is that we have our own oyster farm! In 2010, Ben bought an oyster farm in Duxbury Bay to fulfill a long-time dream of his, and ever since, from seedling to market size, he has put in the hours to grow these beauties to perfection.

Oysters from Duxbury are known for their nice, balanced ocean flavor. The Standish Shores are no different - clean and salty, sweet and buttery, and never shy on the meats weighing in at 3.75 inches.

If you are a Pangea customer and you haven't tried our Standish Shore Oysters yet, this is the time!

For full Oysterology details, please click here.

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