New PEI Oysters In-the-House: Daisy Bay and Irish Point Oysters!

Connie Lu
May 17, 2020
March 31, 2014

We are adding two new PEI oysters to our selection! From the growers of Raspberry Point Oysters, we are happy to introduce Daisy Bay Oysters and Irish Point Oysters!

Daisy Bay Oysters

Weighing in at 3.25 inches, the Daisy Bay Oysters look and taste phenomenal. We could clearly tell that the oysters were premium, and after doing a shucking, rightly so. The shells were scrubbed clean of barnacles, and the dark brown ridges made the oysters visually stimulating, which makes them great for display. When shucked, the meats were clean, plump, and glistening. Almost near perfection.

When it comes to taste, these Daisy Bays are super clean, just like the waters of PEI. What I enjoyed most was its dynamic flavor -- an initial mild brininess, but finished with a sweet and pleasant ocean flavor. For comparison's sake, it was similar to a La Saint Simon in that the flavor changed as it moved across your palate. If you're looking for an impressive oyster, this should definitely be in your consideration set.

Irish Point Oysters

For more of a cocktail oyster, the Irish Points are a good option. Under 3 inches, these oysters size around 2.75 inches and are full of brine. What makes them unique is the bright green hue on their shells, which I'm guessing is how they got their names. I have never seen an oyster so green before. They literally looked like leaves -- shamrocks if you put three or four of them together. It was difficult to find words to describe their beauty. You will just have to hold one in your hand to see for yourself.

When it came to shucking, the shells were a tad bit thinner than we would have liked. Because we couldn't do a clean shuck, it mangled some of the meats. Despite that, the oyster definitely provided a briny punch with its liquor. It was clean and salty all the way through. Not one of my favorite oysters on taste, but highly rated for display.

Oysterology will be on the site soon. I think these oyster models are definitely lookers...

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