Battle of the Shuckers at the 2014 Boston Seafood Festival

Connie Lu
May 17, 2020
July 30, 2014

There was a heated battle on the Boston Fish Pier this past Sunday...

18 shuckers

288 oysters

and 3 cash prizes.


If you weren't able to join us last Sunday at the Boston Seafood Festival, you missed some crazy action. Despite the rain and thunderstorms, the shuckers showed up, ready for action with their shucking knives and competitive spirit to vie for $500, $250, and $100.

Boston oyster establishments sent their top shuckers to represent, and we were excited to have the following shuckers show off their skills:

Aurelio DiMuzio from Big Rock Oyster Company
Anton Christen from Union Oyster House
Brian Kuhlen from East Coast Grill
Camden Holland from Wellfleet, MA
Eric Brochy from Big Rock Oyster Company
Esteban Luebbert from Maré Oyster Bar
Hamid Turabi from Legal Sea Foods
Jimmy McDonnell from Union Oyster House
Joe Turner from Turner's Seafood
Kevin Lyman from John Nagle Company
Mamadou Diallo from Union Oyster House
Max Bell from East Coast Grill
Michael McKiernan from Legal Sea Foods
Mike Haun from Union Oyster House
Ryan Kripp from Turner's Seafood
Ryan Russell from Brookline, MA
Scott Thompson from Big Rock Oyster Company
Tom Lanigan from Hostess Catering

These fine gents put on an amazing show and sent oyster shells flying into the audience! If you missed the action, here's a video of the final round featuring the top 6 shuckers:

Shuckers were scored by their finishing time and presentation. Time penalties were added if oysters were hacked, not completely severed from the shell, or served on a broken shell. Judges were Richard Rush from Oyster Information, Dan Enos from Oceanaire Boston, Nicki Hobson from Island Creek Oyster Bar, and Stephen Oxaal from B&G Oysters. Every plate was scrutinized, and after two heats and one final round, there were 3 shuckers who came out on top...

1st Place - Ryan Kripp from Turner's Seafood
2nd Place - Mamadou Diallo from Union Oyster House
3rd Place - Hamid Turabi from Legal Sea Foods

Guess now we know where to expect beautifully shucked oysters in Boston! Thanks to everyone who came out to shuck, judge, volunteer, and spectate! Special thanks to Kria Sakakeeny for her awesome emcee'ing and Boston Fisheries Foundation for sponsoring the prizes.

Keep Calm and Shuck On!

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