Wild Wellfleet Oysters
Wellfleet Harbor, Cape Cod, Massachusetts


Production: Wild
Availability: Year-round
Size: 3.25 inches
Appearance: Deep cup with smooth grey and tan shells
Flavor: Sharp brine with plump meats and a rounded seaweed finish



site details 

  • Salinity: 2.9% < 3.5% full oceanic salinity
  • Tides: Large tides – Freshwater creeks
  • Bottom Makeup: Clean pebbled sand with seaweed

Growout Method

Naturally setting oysters attach to rock or shells. Fishermen pick the oysters at low tide. Time to market: 3 years.

Harvest Locations
Wellfleet Harbor - Cape Cod, Massachusetts


the harvester

Eben Kenny – Wild Wellfleets

Eben was born and raised in Wellfleet, Massachusetts and started working on the water at a young age as a commercial fisherman in high school. He went on to fish for sea scallops for a number of years before deciding to turn to oyster harvesting.  Eben loves working outdoors and the thrill of the hunt that commercial fishing provides, but scallop fishing would require him to be away from home for a week or more at a time.  As a family man, this was less than ideal.  Now, Eben can still enjoy work outside, with the same thrill of the hunt and be home in time for dinner with his two sons.