Spindrift Oysters
Westport, Massachusetts


Production: Farmed
Availability: June - March
Size: 3 inches
Appearance: Tan and white shells, deep cup
Flavor: Intense mineral brine, sweet, lingering finish


grow method

Oysters are purchased at 8mm - 10mm and raised in a rack and bag system until they are large enough to transfer to cages and trays. Toph's farm has a deep water area and a shallower area. He uses trays in the shallow area and bottom cages in the deeper water. 

site details

  • Bottom: Super sandy! This makes the oysters super clean
  • Tides: Medium, 3.5' tides
  • Salinity: Approximately 2.9% < 3.5% full oceanic salinity 

Westport, Massachusetts was first settled in 1670 at Westport Point, which maintains a small but bustling commercial fishing dock. This "right to farm" community is bursting with farm stands and local treasures along the rock-wall lined roads. In the end, most residents and visitors fall in love with Westport for its thirty-five miles of shoreline and ponds.

Spindrift Oysters farm is at the mouth of the West Branch of the Westport River. The acres are located in a high-flow area of the River, which are a prime location for raising oysters.


Toph Jusseaume.jpg


Spindrift Oysters is a family owned operation started in 2015, with our first batch of oyster seeds.  Our first harvest was in Fall 2016.

This business is a labor of love. And, as grower Toph Jusseaume likes to say,  there's a lot of labor!  Oyster farming is no easy job, but Toph  sets out every day to take care of the baby Spindrift Oysters, so he can share a little bit of Westport with the rest of the world.

Born in Westport, Toph is excited to be able to earn a living on a river that he's fished and played in all his life.