Our mission is to source and distribute the best oysters and shellfish in the world while respecting our oceans, customers, vendors, and employees.


About Pangea Shellfish Company

I spent four years growing oysters in RI and working in the wholesale seafood business in Boston. I saw the number of oyster farms increasing, which coincided with the popularity of oysters and locally-sourced, sustainable food. The decision was easy: start Boston's first and only shellfish company specializing in oysters. In September 2001, just one week after 9/11,  I founded Pangea Shellfish Company.

In the beginning, it was just one small truck, one small building, and me. My wife, Victoria, used to help with the paperwork at night. In 2003, I hired my first employee, Dan Light (now Vice President). Dennis Flores (now Floor Manager) joined us in 2007 and Lori Budlong (Sales Manager) started at Pangea in 2008.

In 2010, I fulfilled my long-time dream and purchased an oyster farm in Duxbury Bay, which I named Standish Shore after the peninsula southwest of the farm-site. Having our own oyster farm is one of Pangea's competitive advantages; we literally know oysters from start to finish. We try to get all of our employees to the farm at least once or twice a year because being hands-on is the best way to learn about oysters!

We have moved a few times over the years, and twelve years later, we have settled into our 8000 square foot facility in the Boston Seaport District. We have 11 full-time employees in Boston, plus one full-time and four seasonal employees on the Standish Shore Oyster Farm. We have grown a lot since 2001, and the journey has been incredible. We will continue to do our best to serve our customers, be respectful to our vendors, and act responsibly towards our oceans. Thanks for stopping by and please do not hesitate to contact us!

- Ben Lloyd, Owner and President




Our Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is simple:

  1. Buy and sell only the best and freshest oysters and shellfish available, and guarantee their quality.
  2. Take care of our customers. Many say it, but few follow through -- customer service is as important to us as the quality of our shellfish.
  3. We guarantee we will not sell around our customers. If restaurants in your area contact us we refer them back to you.
  4. Take care of our vendors and shellfish growers -- without our hard-working suppliers, we wouldn't have a business.
  5. Take care of our employees - the fine crew at Pangea is truly family.

Customer Testimonials

"As a 3rd generation seafood retailer in Greater Boston, quality and variety are the main focus for our customers. We deal only with suppliers that offer the very best! Pangea is that supplier and their knowledge and passion are tops."

- Carl Fantasia, New Deal Fish Market

"When it comes to sourcing oysters and clams, it is critical that you deal with a trustworthy and knowledgeable source.  There is no question that Pangea Shellfish fits this description and is the reason why they have become our primary shellfish supplier."

- Jim Turner, President, J. Turner Seafoods, Inc.