Mayflower Point Oysters
Dennis, Massachusetts

These classic Cape Cod Bay oysters have the perfect balance of brine and sweetness. They are a great representation of a Massachusetts oyster and has a name that represents it appropriately.


Production: Farmed
Availability: July through March
Size: 3.5 inches
Appearance: White shells, very clean!  
Flavor: Fresh and intense brine with creamy meats and a gentle finish

site details 

  • Salinity: 3.1% < 3.5% full oceanic salinity (Affected by freshwater input of Quivet Creek)
  • Tides: Large flushing tides averaging 8 to 10 ft.
  • Bottom Makeup: Clean sandy bottom

Growout Method

Oyster seed is started in mesh bags on steel racks. At about 1 inch in size they are moved to Aquatrays for growout, but not before being tumbled often. Time to market: 2-3 years on average.

the grower

Jamie Davenport started out in restaurants and carpentry before moving to Vancouver, Canada with his wife to pursue a career in filmmaking. Shortly thereafter, with the arrival of their first of three boys, they decided to move back to New England to be closer to family. Meanwhile, Jamie's father had started an oyster farm in East Dennis and gave him the opportunity to join in. Ten years later, Jamie still takes pride in producing environmentally sustainable, high quality Davenport Oysters. He says that you can’t beat being surrounded by nature every day.