Shuck of the Week: Pemaquid Oysters are back in season!

This week marked the beginning of another Pemaquid Oyster season, and boy was I excited to get at them!

april 2015 shucking.jpg

After seeing that picture, do I need to say any more?!

Our Pemaquid Oysters from Damariscotta, ME are a Pangea favorite. The growers at Dodge Cove really know how to cultivate a phenomenal oyster, and considering it's only April, they have really outdone themselves. The oyster scored 5s all across the board:

Shuckability -- Oh my god. This oyster was SERIOUSLY the perfect shuck. I felt like the heavens opened up when I shucked open the oyster. Hinge was tight and sturdy, and with moderate pressure, the shell popped easily and CLEANLY. No breakage and no dirt.

Shell consistency -- These were sizable beauties. All of them were pearly clean; they were all at least 3.75" in size; and hinges were not curved. The cull is outstanding. Meats were looking good as well, plump and full.

Taste -- Just heaven. They were pleasantly briny, but not overpoweringly so like some oysters. The finish was really clean... you truly could taste the pristine waters of Maine.

Can't speak more highly of these oysters right now. If you're looking for an oyster that won't disappoint, you have to go with these Dodge Cove Pemaquids. They really are beauties right now.