Shuck of the Week: Belon and Mayflower Point Oysters

Dan Light
May 17, 2020
January 7, 2015

Belon Oysters

As long as the weather doesn’t prevent harvesting, this is a great time of year for these oysters. They are HUGE right now (4-4 ½")!!  All very similar in shape and size, so they are a great show. I had a hard time opening the first one, but the next two were a bit easier. This was a bit surprising since they are not typically a very strong oyster, so I assumed that they would open with no problem. Once opened, though, the meats looked awesome. Very full, thick and creamy. The flavor is always a debatable topic with a very metallic finish, but for my pallet, I really liked the initial mineral flavor and the meat content. The finish I could probably do without, but to each his own!

Mayflower Point Oysters

I shucked these because Nick had mentioned they were pretty large compared to what they have been. These, in the past, have been one of my personal favorites. They are running a little big, but not enormous (3 ¾"). Per usual they did not disappoint. A very easy shuck due their amazing consistency in shell shape. And once opened, they were very full and so clean-looking that I was ready to dive right in. It took me by surprise by how salty they were!! I had to grab a drink of water afterwards!  So, if you like salty, you will love these Mayflower Points!

Happy shucking!

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