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SENA 2017

Stu Meltzer
May 17, 2020
April 5, 2017

The Seafood Expo North America (SENA) 2017 brought a bunch of energy to the Seaport District, Pangea’s neighborhood here in Boston, MA.  This year, the show attracted over 1000 exhibitors from more than 40 countries and more than 21,000 attendees overall.  SENA put together a fascinating conference program, where speakers discussed topics ranging from marketing to technology to regulatory changes in the seafood industry. The Pangea team had a great time connecting with those of you (our customers) who made the trip and enjoyed making connections with some prospective new customers. We learned a lot at the show, but our big takeaway involved the opportunity we have to further develop aquaculture in the U.S and your potential role in that effort.

Why should we bother with developing U.S aquaculture? Three main reasons: jobs, fresher seafood and a better handle on the environmental impact and health safety of the products.  Certainly, we rely on the great work of our Canadian suppliers, value those relationships and intend to continue to support them.  We would simply like to see similar support from consumers, industry and government for aquaculture in this country so that the U.S can enjoy some of the benefits of a strong aquaculture industry that those other nations enjoy.   In our biased opinion, Pangea is a great way to do this.

Much of the aquaculture in the United States is oyster aquaculture. As you are likely aware, we source over seventy varieties of oysters from nearly as many growers.  We have been instrumental in helping many growers build their businesses from humble beginnings to sizeable operations.  As oysters continue to gain popularity across the country, your support will help to bolster the domestic aquaculture industry, thereby contributing to a stronger economy and a safe, nutritious food supply.

As mentioned in a previous newsletter, I have returned to the seafood industry after a short hiatus.  It was great to be at the show as part of the Pangea team, supporting products that I believe in. I loved seeing some old friends and I really enjoyed meeting all of you that attended.   I hope to see more of you at the show next year!

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