Radish Mignonette Recipe

Bekah Angoff
May 17, 2020
June 18, 2019

I love radishes in the spring with their fresh crunch, cool texture, and sweet and peppery finish. I also love radishes with butter and salt! This mignonette is a play on that, as we have many oysters here that have a punch of brine and a buttery finish that is begging for this combination! I find that a lot of Cape oysters fit this profile, like our Standish Shores, Thatch Islands or our latest gem, Popponessets from Mashpee, MA.


24 briny and buttery oysters

½ c Minced French radish
¼ c Minced shallot
1T Minced tarragon
1 c White wine vinegar
1 Pinch salt
1 Pinch raw sugar
Several pinches of coarse ground black pepper


Mix all ingredients and allow to sit for an hour before use. Spoon sparingly onto the opened oysters. The mixture will last up to one week refrigerated.

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