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Meet The Team - Nick Happnie

Charlie Canty
April 17, 2024
April 17, 2024

Nick is one of our account managers and purchasers here at Pangea.

Nick was born and raised in the town of Rockland, in the south shore of Massachusetts, but he didn’t become a man until he started in the oyster industry. He has been with Pangea for 12 years, which is almost half the time he’s been alive.

When it comes to picking a favorite oyster, he views it a lot like how a parent views their children. “Obviously the first one you had is your favorite, so mine would be a Standish Shore.” He also enjoys Truro Pearls, “They taste great, are as consistent and hearty an oyster as you can find, and are limited availability, making them all the more unique and appealing.”

When he’s not at work slinging oysters or making the office uncomfortable with his sense of humor and general demeanor, he enjoys reading (as long as the books have pictures and no words over 2 syllables), taking naps, doing his best to keep his son from playing in the street, and inexplicably supporting the Red Sox even though he knows ownership hasn’t been committed to winning since they let Mookie Betts walk, and are more concerned with creating a European Super League for soccer, further embarrassing Red Sox fans and Americans everywhere. He’s also a huge proponent of cocktail Fridays, golfing, and listening to music.

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