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Featuring Dan Light at Frugé Seafood's School of Fish III

Connie Lu
May 17, 2020
November 13, 2013

About a month ago, our own Dan Light, Operations Manager, was invited to speak at Frugé Seafood's School of Fish! Don't know how many of you know Dan personally, but he has been with Pangea (and the seafood industry) since the Ice Age. He is super knowledgeable about everything we do at Pangea and has played an integral part in shaping our company, so naturally, we were thrilled to have him represent us!

Every year, Frugé Seafood holds a conference for their customers where five expert speakers are invited to share topics on fishing, aquaculture, sustainability, and even tips for successful ordering. "The School of Fish is a means to give back to our customers and share some of our fish knowledge." (Frugé Seafood via

Dan was the first speaker of the evening. He went into details about our growers' methods, our Oysterology program, and the importance of having informed buyers and consumers. He further explained that the oyster industry is becoming more and more like the fish industry as wild oysters become overfished. "Chesapeake's probably one of the best examples... they have been overfished and has led [growers] to farms to sustain that product."

Conferences like these provide a great forum to discuss issues we are facing as an industry and as seafood consumers. It's an important dialogue because it affects everyone in the "food chain." We hope the attendees enjoyed hearing about Pangea and our oysters as much as Dan had fun presenting. "It's nice not to have a sales pitch and just talk about oysters."

We were giddy to watch Dan's interview and his presentation. Who doesn't want to see a handsome man on video? You can watch his full presentation here and his interview below. Huge thanks again to Frugé for inviting us!

If you are having an event for your customers, employees, or consumers, we would love to share our story and view on the oyster industry! Please contact Connie Lu at to inquire about our speaking availability.

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