Blish Point Oyster
Barnstable, Massachusetts

The Blish Point oyster is raised in one of the country's best oyster regions, Cape Cod. This is a high end oyster - clean, deep cup - at an affordable price due to it's cocktail size status. 


Production: Farmed
Availability: April - January
Size: 2.75"
Appearance: Clean shell, deep cup, uniform
Flavor: Substantial brine with creamy yet firm meats and a sweet, seaweed finish

    Growout Method

    Oyster seed is upwelled, then grown in suspended mesh bags, and finally moved to growout trays. Time to Market: 1.5 years


    Settled on Cape Cod Bay with freshwater input of several local creeks.

    site details:

    Salinity: 2.7% < 3.5% full oceanic salinity
    Tides: 8-10 ft tides
    Bottom Makeup: Clean sandy bottom, Large thatch beds

    the grower

    David Cranshaw is an enterprising industry veteran who recognized early on that shellfish aquaculture was the future.  He got his start working in New Bedford (Massachusetts), the nation’s largest seafood port by dollar volume, unloading boats and processing the catch from those boats.  He witnessed overfishing first hand, including the collapse of the cod fishery.  Prior to oyster aquaculture, he operated a quahog nursery and later farmed quahogs to maturity. 

    When discussing the practice of oyster farming David says, “I love making something grow, it’s gratifying”. He enjoys being on the water (even on rough days), the solitude and the beauty of Cape Cod Bay.