Introducing the Fine Crew at Pangea

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Ben Lloyd
Owner, President & Oyster Grower

Founded Pangea in 2001

Besides owning Pangea and Standish Shore Oyster Farm, I live in Duxbury, MA with my wife Victoria, and my three kids, Emerson, Avery, and Oliver. In my spare time, I enjoy fishing, gardening, cooking, and getting my kids outside and on the water. A perfect day for me is spent with my family in the yard or on the oyster farm!

Favorite Oyster?

Wild Onset (Wareham, MA) - This (increasingly rare) wild oyster from Buzzards Bay is the heartiest and most beautiful oyster out there. The shells are ribbed and have amazing green and black coloring! The meats are always very full and have a great salty flavor with minerals.

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Lori Budlong
Logistics Manager

Joined Pangea in 2008

After working for many years in the restaurant business both in the front and back of the house, all I really wanted to do was go fishing. So, I went to work for my seafood vendor and have been hooked ever since. A Rock 'n' Roll Girl with Classical taste, it just made sense to come work for Pangea, the only Oyster Specialist in Boston. I am also a Professional Oyster Sampler.

Favorite Oyster?

Standish Shore  (Duxbury, MA) - Easy to shuck and present beautifully. They are an all-around pleasant experience from a salty start to a sweet finish.


Nick Happnie
Operations Manager

Joined Pangea in 2012

I started working on Ben's farm in 2012. and shortly after he asked if I wanted to work full time in the warehouse. Since then I've worked on the floor, both receiving and packing, before being offered a management role. I've enjoyed growing as a person during my time here, and am proud to be one of the youngest, but also one of  the most experienced members of the team.

Favorite Oyster?

Onset (Onset, MA) - Clean, full meats. Shells are always gorgeous and consistent. you won't find more perfect oysters per bag than in a bag of Onsets.

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Dan Light
Vice President

Joined Pangea in 2003

I love oysters and bacon. I love them even more together! I am a URI graduate, married, and have two kids - a boy and a girl. I am very active and enjoy running, basketball, and soccer. I love working at Pangea because I'm solving problems every day and work with awesome people!

Favorite Oyster?

Mayflower Point (East Dennis, MA) - Love these oysters because they're consistent, clean, and has enough salinity for taste, but not so much that it's overwhelming. The shell shape is perfect for shucking - strong and clean. Yummy!


Bekah Angoff
Sales and Markeing

Joined Pangea in 2015

Besides my love for Pangea and everything shellfish related, I have a 10 year culinary background in some of Boston's best kitchens, as well as a 15 year competitive mogul skiing career. On any given day, you can find me at the farmer's market, hunting down street art, or if there is snow on the ground, I will be skiing!

Favorite Oyster?

Quonnie Rock (Quonochontaug Pond, RI) - Super strong white shells, razor sharp brine, meaty chew, and sweet butter and limestone finish. So complex; so craveworthy.


Conor Black

Joined Pangea in 2016

I came to Pangea with a background in wholesale distribution. After packing my way through countless long days I was given the role of receiving manager, where I oversee everything that comes through the door before it leaves again.  I have a love for craft beer, good food, and golf (weather permitting). I have really enjoyed my time here at Pangea with all these amazing people, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Favorite Oyster?

Race Point (Provincetown, MA) - Easily the most beautifully and carefully crafted oyster around!



James Kearns
Farm Manager

Joined Pangea in 2014

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Juliano Almeida
Wet Storage

Joined Pangea in 2012

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Jose Valentin

Joined Pangea in 2013


Jose Matias

Joined Pangea in 2016




Dennnis Flores

Joined Pangea in 2007

Carlos Torres
Floor Supervisor

Joined Pangea in 2014

Chris Sabater

Joined Pangea in 2016


Mark Fuller

Joined Pangea in 2018

Yhoel Pena Lopez
Wet Storage

Joined Pangea in 2016