We personally select these special items because of their quality and demand. 

Pangea Shellfish Live Sea Scallop.jpg

Live Sea Scallops
Size: 10 pound units - Jumbo and Medium
Availability: Year-round (Call for availability)

Our live Sea Scallops are harvested in the waters of Cape Cod Bay and Outer Cape, Massachusetts. These are fished by small day boats that go out each morning and return the same night. They shuck the bulk of their catch for meats, but always save some "in-shell" for live sales. We carry three sizes: Jumbo (approx. a pound each), Large (1-2 scallops per pound), and Medium (2-3 scallops per pound).

Pangea Shellfish Cape Bay Scallops.jpg

Cape Bay Scallops
Size: 8 / 10 / 25 pound units - avg. size is 60-70ct.
Availability: Call for availability

Also known as the "Nantucket Bay Scallop," the Cape Bays are the sweetest scallops in the world. We source our scallops from Buzzards Bay, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket. Cape Bays are best raw, in ceviche, or quickly sautéed.

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Live Sea Urchin
Size: 10 pound units
Availability: October - April (Call for availability)

We buy our urchins locally from Gloucester, Massachusetts. Divers harvest these green urchins from small boats in the fall and winter. Urchins are prized for their gonads or "uni."


Uni Trays
Size: 60g per tray -- 6 tray minimum
Availability: Year-round (Call for availability)

Our uni trays come from a various harvest locations depending on the season. The local trays in the fall and winter are the best quality.

Jonah Crab Meat and Claws
Availability: Year-round pre-order (Call for availability)

We partnered with the Northeast's best crab processor to bring you the freshest, ready-to-serve Jonah crab meat available. Production is done in real-time to order, so your crab arrives from ocean to plate as quickly as possible.

double score.jpg

Double Scored Claws
Size: 5-7 claws per lb. (5 lb. minimum)

Cap-off Cocktail Claws
Size: 16-20 claws per lb. (5 lb. minimum)

Empress Claws
Size: 20-24 claws per lb. (5 lb. minimum)

All-Leg Peekeytoe Meat and Combo Crab Meat
Size: 8 oz. and 16 oz. units (Combo only available in 16 oz. units)