Making Moules-Frites? We've got your fresh live mussels here!

Pangea Shellfish Hollander Mussels.jpg

Hollander & Dekoning Mussels
Size: 10 pound bags - 15 mussels per pound
Availability: Year-round

H&D Mussels are grown by the DeKoning family in the waters of Mount Desert Island, Maine. The DeKonings, sixth generation mussel farmers, moved to Maine from the Netherlands to continue their mussel growing legacy in the States. Besides their beds in Maine, they also continue to operate farms in Holland.

Seed is caught from managed seed beds along the adjacent coasts of Maine. The seed is then spread on private leases where they reattach their byssal threads to the sea floor and to one another. After a year of growth, the mussels are harvested, purged, and de-byssed with a lot of care. The result of all this effort is a superior, bold mussel from Maine.

wild cape bay mussels.jpg

Wild Cape Bay Mussels
Size: 10 pound bags - 10 mussels per pound
Availability: Year-round

Harvested from Cape Cod Bay, our Cape Bay Mussels are large beauties that range from 3 to 4 inches in size and have full meats. This is a great wild and local option from Masachusetts. If you’re looking for a large mussel, these mussels will not disappoint.