Rocky Shore Oysters
Prince Edward Island, Canada


Production: Farmed
Availability: April through January
Size: 3.5 inches
Appearance: Uniform hard shells, white and green
Flavor: Sweet brine with a subtle crunch and a deep mineral finish.

site details

  • Salinity: 3.5% < 3.5% full oceanic salinity
  • Tides: Large tides with full salinity - currents from Northumberland Strait flood Rocky Bay twice daily
  • Bottom Makeup: Sandy with rocky ledges

Growout Method

Wild seed is collected in Rocky Shore, bottom-cultured, then harvested by tongs. Time to market: 3 to 4 years.


Northumberland Straight, South Shore of Prince Edward Island, Canada

the Growers

Our company is based in Salutation Cove, in the community of Fernwood, on the south shore of Prince Edward Island. We have been cultivating some of the best oysters in the Atlantic Region, thanks to the ideal conditions of Salutation Cove, a sheltered, clean, protected sanctuary. The shoreline of the cove is a truly magnificent unspoiled piece of nature that has escaped the development seen in many other oyster growing areas. In fact, our only neighbours are a few shorebirds and the occasional heron looking for dinner. The vast majority of this shoreline is bound to remain unchanged for years to come thanks to the Island Nature Trust which owns a vast part of the lands surrounding our oyster beds.

Brian - Future Seafoods