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Sea Kist Oyster

Jamestown, RI
The strong tides that move through Narragansett Bay give oysters grown here full strength brine, a sip of pure Atlantic Ocean. The unique and enticing minerality that results from the sand and gravel lined ocean bottom rounds out the strong salt of that brine. Between the tides and the sand, the gems that come from these waters have an incredible umami flavor that finishes almost buttery - an oyster experience you won't soon forget.


Product Specifications
  • Specie:
    Crassostrea virginica
  • Origin:
    Jamestown, RI
  • Farmed 18 to 30 months
  • Average Size:
    2.75-3.25 inches
  • Available:
Flavor Profile
Complex oceanic brine, hints of sweetness and a smooth mineral finish.
Suggested Pairing:
Brine Intensity
Growout method
Floating bag system; tumbled to strengthen shell.
Site Details
  • Tides:
    Narragansett Bay; Significant tidal exchange
  • Bottom:
    Sand and gravel, near-shore 5 – 8 foot depth
the Grower

The Ocean State Shellfish Cooperative was formed in 2008 to create a robust network of Rhode Island oyster farmers working together to supply oysters to the growing appetite for fresh seafood. Since then we have grown from 6 participating farms to 15.

The sustainable aquaculture movement in Rhode Island began in the late 1980’s with the birth of today’s modern oyster farms. By introducing a thriving oyster population, local areas once thought to be “dead” have been rejuvenated into productive ecosystems where other fish and shellfish can once again thrive.