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Chatham Oyster

Chatham, MA


Product Specifications
  • Specie:
    Crassostrea virginica
  • Origin:
    Chatham, MA
  • Farmed: 18 to 24 months
  • Average Size:
    2.75 inches, 3.5 inches
  • Available:
Flavor Profile
Strong mineral brine and bursting meats with a lingering slate finish.
Suggested Pairing:
Double IPA
Brine Intensity
Growout method
Seed is upwelled in a nursery then moved to rack-and-bags, floating trays, or Oystergro cages in nearby growout areas. Some oysters are also bottom planted to be available during the winter months.
Site Details
  • Tides:
    Oyster Pond; saltwater pond with 5 to 7-foot tides from the Oyster River and Nantucket Sound.
  • Bottom:
    Clean, sandy bottom.
the Grower

Chatham Shellfish Company has been operating out of Oyster Pond since 1976 when owner John Richards purchased the grant. He experimented with different types of shellfish before settling on oysters. In 2000, Steve Wright joined the company after graduating from the University of Maine with a degree in aquaculture. Today, he and his crew have incorporated traditional oystering with their genuinely self-made technology to forge a successful modern day shellfish farming venture.

"Chatham Shellfish Company has had the pleasure of developing the best oyster farmers on Cape Cod over the years. We slug through the heaviest of tasks, and also perform delicate husbandry methods with quickness and efficiency in order to deliver some of the best quality oysters."