What happened to Wellfleet?


Ben Lloyd, owner of Pangea Shellfish, has been in the oyster business since 2001. Besides selling thousands of oysters each week, he also grows his own oysters in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

cape cod.jpg

I have very mixed emotions when it comes to the rash of oyster names on the market. While I recognize the value in a unique oyster name (and have branded several myself), the problem is that the origin of the oyster is now getting lost. 

It seems like companies are trying to outdo each other, abandoning the classics like Malpeque, Wellfleet and Blue Point. Some of the names replacing them are frankly... tacky. They sound more like a cheap bar on the strip than a delicious bivalve. The worst part to me is that they often have nothing to do with the harvest location of the oyster. 

A few of the more offensive names come to mind are named after pseudo celebrities, restaurants, or sexual innuendos. Call me a purist, or a cynic, but enough is enough! The slew of names out there is cannibalizing the value of the names themselves.