We like funny names

Cosmo Goss, Chef de Cuisine at Publican Restaurant in Chicago, has restaurants in his blood. He took the title "Prince of Porc" for his butchering skills at Cochon555 and won the 2013 Brewery Ommegang and Saveur Magazine’s Hop Chef national competition.


Naming an oyster is like naming a beer. There are so many different types determined by their harvest area, their shape, their merroir, and even their growing methods like whether they're grown on the surface or not. These differences should be called out by having different names.

We like funny names at the Publican. When we heard of the Naked Cowboy, we knew we had to have those. Kitschy names can be very effective and lots of times, people try oysters just because of the name. I don't think the average consumer can tell the difference between a Duxbury and a Wellfleet oyster and that's why names are important like an Island Creek. These are the things that consumers remember, and chefs, too.

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As you know, we've partnered with Island Creek Oysters to develop our own oyster called "The Publican Oyster." We just got back from the Island Creek farm where we're growing our oysters in Australian Seapa baskets. We're so excited to have an oyster named after the restaurant! We'll be having a complete launch party to announce it.

Most restaurants will show or serve oysters with its name and harvest location, so I don't think it's necessary to call an oyster just by its harvest area. People recognize names, and it helps make oysters popular.