Little Island Oysters
Bagaduce River, Maine

Little Island Oysters have beautiful shells and deep cups almost the size of golf balls! Part of their lives are spent surface-cultured, which gives them their smooth shells. They are described by those "in the know" as bright, fresh, and mildly salty oyster -- perfect for the half-shell!


Production: Farmed
May through December
Size: 3.5 inches |
Appearance: Medium Cup, White to Green Shells
Flavor: Sharp brine up front with delicate meats and a sweet creamy finish. 



site details

  • Salinity: 2.0% < 3.5% full oceanic salinity
  • Tides: Two daily tides with 2 to 3 ft. tidal range
  • Bottom Makeup: Mixture of sand and cobble

Growout Method

Oysters are raised in floating mesh bags, allowing them to drink in nutrient rich water, while their shells are being lightened by the sun. Little Islands are then moved to an adjacent site where they rest in cages on the bottom, hardening and darkening the shells. Time to market: 3 years. 


Little Island Oyster Company, run by Frank and Tonyia Peasley, grow their oysters on a 5.3 acre site in the upper waters of the Bagaduce River in Maine. Frank, who grew up along the Bagaduce River where his parents operated the Bagaduce Lunch restaurant, started planting an oyster bed around the area in 2009. Today, the Peasley family's oysters have reached many raw bars across the country and in Canada. If you are ever on the Bagaduce River, you might just see them working with their daughters, Hannah and Sophie, near their little island with the red camp under the pines.