Goose Point Oyster
Willapa Bay, Washington

Goose Point Oysters have beautiful fluted grey shells with a deep cup.  Beach grown on Willapa Bay with a significant tidal exchange, these guys feature a nice mild brine with a kelp finish.


Production: Farmed
Season: Year Round
Size: 2.75"
Appearance: Fluted Grey Shell with Deep Cup
Flavor: Mild brine with creamy meats and a slight kelp finish


 Site Details:

  • Salinity: Varies with seasons, average 3.2%

  • Tides: Shallow estuary with interweaving river ways. 6 - 10 foot tides exchange half the water volume in the bay daily.

  • Bottom: Tidal mud flats

Growout method

Hatchery seed is transplanted from grow out beds to fattening beds for harvest.  Bottom cultured naturally on the mud flats.   


norm bloom photo.jpg


The family involvement in seafood production started with the grandfather (Douglas) of current owner John Rowell. Douglas was a fisherman from Chetlo Harbor. 

The company, Oyster Holdings, Inc. was founded in 1993. For decades, John's father would assemble heavy laden platters of many dozens of freshly opened oysters and famous smoked oysters that was only available for family and close friends. Today, Goosepoint oysters are available across the country.