Off The Dock             Nashville, TN

"I have held a number of very prestigious positions over the past 31 years and have been exposed to many companies. Pangea Shellfish Company is how I would model my own company, based on my experience. The seamless level of commitment from top to bottom is enviable. My interactions with every person has been positive and the “solution based” attitude is so refreshing."

"I was contacted by a person from (XYZ Shellfish) yesterday asking how they were doing for me. I have not purchased from them since we received the first order from Pangea. They were unaware. I went on to express to them that this is a relationship business and the mutual respect between Pangea and I is why I will have a loyalty that they will never understand. Twice in the past couple weeks, amidst the onslaught of snow y’all have been enduring, I was reminded of items that were being held for me that I always buy that I had forgotten to put on my PO. You can’t teach that instinct. You can only appreciate the passion for the business."

"Thank you ALL for what you do. From the consistent quality of the products to the support materials on line to the amazing seafood professionals you all are.I, and we as Off The Dock Seafood, appreciate your efforts and look forward to continuing to grow as the premiere oyster provider in Middle Tennessee with Pangea as our partner."

Best Fishes - Joe

Palmer Foods             Rochester, NY

In regards to Pangea's educational materials:

"You have the most professional team in the business. Thank you for teaching us all, Sales are really starting to take off and this will bring many to the table. What a great thing you have here. Many thanks."


Sea Star LLC        Monroe, Connecticut

"I utilize the Oysterology info all of the time. You guys do a wonderful job and I feel very fortunate to have Pangea as one of my top vendors!" 

Lou Nistico