Cape Spear Salt Oysters
Cape Spear, Southeast New Brunswick

On the Tormentine Peninsula in Southeast New Brunswick the shorlines are sparslely populated and the Northumberland Strait waters are cool clear and clean. This is the perfect place to grow a coldwater oyster!


Production: Farm Raised
Availability: January through August
Size: 3+ inches
Appearance: Clean and uniform white shells
Flavor: Clean, sweet, seaweed and silky meats. 

Growout Method
Naturally collected oyster spat is grown out in floating oyster trays. The floating trays allow constant tumbling and a steady supply of food. Time to market: 3 to 4 years.


The harvest waters are ideally suited for oyster growth, with cold and clean water, fed by natural streams delivering rich nutrients to the bay. 


Coming Soon! 


Little Shemogue Oyster Company began operation in 2000, and joined with Atlantic Oyster Company in 2015.  A family owned and operated business, 'Little Shem' oysters put on a plate always look beautiful and can back it up with the cleanest, richest taste you can find.  The final product is an oyster that comes from a family that puts their heart and soul into the shape, taste and consistency of the oysters. They hope their high standards will translate into a delicious experience.