Recipe: Blueberry and White Balsamic Mignonette

This simple take on a mignonette is requested often by Ben, as it is a perfectly balanced sweet and sour that match the complex and buttery finish of a Standish Shore. Local blueberry brambles are laden with ripe fruit right now, so grab a pint and a few oysters for a wicked good time.

1 c. white balsamic vinegar
½ c. blueberries, sliced in half
¼ c. shallots, minced
1T. coarse ground black pepper

Combine all of the ingredients and let it sit for about an hour. The sauce will keep for up to two weeks. For an added aromatic twist, add a bit of chopped basil, tarragon, or thyme.

The Butcher Shop Harvest Fest 2014 in South End Boston

Last weekend, we joined The Butcher Shop and B&G Oysters for Harvest Fest in the South End! There were some awesome chefs and restaurants representing including Myers + Chang, the soon-to-be-open Cafe ArtScience, and Neptune Oysters.

There were B&G's famous lobster rolls, grilled sausages from The Butcher Shop, and cotton candy! But my favorite dish of the day went to Alden & Harlow's Dave Tollerud who prepared a Raw Sugar Pumpkin Salad... sweet, savory, spicy, a combination of awesome flavors!

We were obviously there shucking the best oysters in the world, Standish Shores (we're a little bias, but can you blame us?), and people raved about them. If you missed the event this year, make sure to join us next year! Awesome food, guaranteed.

Pangea Shellfish honored in Shaw's Oyster Hall of Fame

On September 25, Pangea Shellfish was inducted into the Shaw's Crab House Oyster Hall of Fame as the 2014 honoree. It was a huge honor to be recognized with some of the oyster industry's greats -- M.K. Fisher, Rowan Jacobsen, Scott Linkletter, Bill Taylor, Island Creek Oysters, and many others. Besides the delicious dinner at Shaw's Crab House Chicago, we were also there for Shaw's Oyster Fest, and it was a riot! Have you ever heard of a slurp off?

Being in one of the coolest cities in America, we had to do some exploring. It was great to see the Fulton Market area and meet Chef Cosmo Goss of The Publican. We even biked around the city and made our way up to the Skydeck in Willis Tower!

Chicago sunset from the Skydeck in the Willis Tower

Chicago sunset from the Skydeck in the Willis Tower

Ben pictured with Sarah Johnson and Steve Lahaie of Shaw's Chicago

Ben pictured with Sarah Johnson and Steve Lahaie of Shaw's Chicago

Cosmo Goss, Chef de Cuisine at The Publican

Cosmo Goss, Chef de Cuisine at The Publican

Huge thanks again to everyone at Shaw's for bringing us out to Chicago. We're super honored to be a vendor of such an awesome establishment and hope more Midwesterners fall in love with our oysters!

Boston Magazine's The Cookout and Battle of the Burgers 2014

This past Tuesday and Wednesday, we headed down the street in our backyard to the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal to join the festivities at Boston Magazine's Cookout and Battle of the Burgers. We represented with Clambakes, Etc. with a complete raw bar serving our signature Standish Shore Oysters, Summerside Oysters, and littleneck clams from the Cape. We had so many guests tell us that the raw bar was the highlight of their night! Who would of guessed at a BBQ/cocktail/burger event!

We received many compliments on both of our oysters and clams, and it was hard to say which was more preferred. On night one, Bobby and Jason from Clambakes shucked 400 oysters and 100 littleneck clams in 60 minutes. On night two, Bobby and Travis shucked 600 oysters and 300 littleneck clams in 80 minutes! Now that's LEGIT!

Huge thanks again to Clambakes, Etc. for partnering with us on this opportunity. They brought a raw bar boat, the condiments, and their A game! They'll come to your house, too, so if you're looking to have a clambake or raw bar at your event this year, call them up!

Oyster of the Week - January 20, 2014

The Pangea Pearls are here!

Finally, an oyster named after Pangea that we are proud to put our name behind. Many of our customers have been asking for more information about these said "Pearls," and we are so excited to feature them this week!

Grown on the Standish Shore Oyster Farm, the Pangea Pearls are beautiful petite oysters with deep cups. They are tumbled often to mimic the shape of the Kumamoto. The tumbling also promotes a strong shell, which is further pronounced by an elegant fluted exterior (see photos above).

Since the Pearls are also grown in Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts, they have a similar Duxbury flavor as our Standish Shore Selects - sweet and buttery with a clean salty finish. Yet, the Pearls taste more delicate, potentially due to its size, and surprises you with a crisp, succinct flavor. Even though they are smaller than the typical oyster, we were pleasantly surprised by the meat content that the deep cups were holding.

These oysters will present beautifully on ice or even in its packaging! Every order of Pangea Pearls are hand-packed in wooden boxes with the utmost care.

We are so excited to make these available, and we hope you love them as much as we do. At this time, there are only limited amounts available, so make sure to call the shop sooner rather than later.

For full Oysterology details, please click here.

Oyster of the Week - January 6, 2014

Standish Shore Bags.jpg

Come get your oysters! Come get your oysters! It's 2014!

Happy New Years to all! This week, we have an amazing inventory of our own Standish Shore Oysters. These Duxbury, MA gems are looking good and ready to be slurped. If you're not familiar with our Standish Shore Oysters, then I will have to give you a brief introduction...

One of the numerous reasons that Pangea knows oysters is that we have our own oyster farm! In 2010, Ben bought an oyster farm in Duxbury Bay to fulfill a long-time dream of his, and ever since, from seedling to market size, he has put in the hours to grow these beauties to perfection.

Oysters from Duxbury are known for their nice, balanced ocean flavor. The Standish Shores are no different - clean and salty, sweet and buttery, and never shy on the meats weighing in at 3.75 inches.

If you are a Pangea customer and you haven't tried our Standish Shore Oysters yet, this is the time!

For full Oysterology details, please click here.

Happy Holidays From Pangea Shellfish!

Pangea Shellfish Holiday E-Card

'Tis [five days] before Christmas, and in the back of the house
The wait staff is stirring, the bartender half-soused,
The patrons are perched and can't help but stare
At the beautiful Standish Shore oysters to share.

- Lori Budlong

To our customers, vendors, supporters, and fans -- thanks for a great year! We wouldn't be here without you!

From our Pangea family to yours, happy holidays and have a wonderful and joyous holiday season!

A Fair of Seafood Fare at Earth & Sea Fish Market

Earth & Sea have their own fleet of trucks picking up fresh oysters from our Boston shop at least twice a week.

Earth & Sea have their own fleet of trucks picking up fresh oysters from our Boston shop at least twice a week.

Bob and Greg from Earth & Sea, and Ben

Bob and Greg from Earth & Sea, and Ben

Last Wednesday, Ben and I went on a road trip to visit our friends at Earth & Sea Fish Market! Located in Manchester, VT, Earth & Sea has been "supplying some of the finest restaurants and supermarkets throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York State" for almost three decades! The staff are the friendliest people you will meet, especially Bob Yakaitis, owner and seafood buyer of Earth & Sea.

We were excited to represent Pangea and share our love of oysters with Earth & Sea's customers. After tallying up all the tasting votes by the end of the day, our Standish Shore Oysters were the clear winner. Every chef's and restauranteur's eyes would light up when they tasted the Standish. But they were even more impressed after I told them it was all due to 18 months of Ben's hard work!

Ben shucking Standish Shore Oysters.

Ben shucking Standish Shore Oysters.

Besides sharing some awesome oysters, we also got to meet other purveyors and loaded up on some free samples!

I was definitely taken aback by Great Eastern Seafood's monkfish...

Look at that mouth!

Look at that mouth!

And finding out that John Nagle Company is truly a FAMILY company. These boys are all cousins.

The John Nagle Co. cousins.

The John Nagle Co. cousins.

If you're in Vermont or nearby, definitely swing by Earth & Sea Fish Market. They have a great selection of seafood (lots of live lobsters!), wines, and sauces!

3757 Richville Road Pier 2
Manchester Center, VT 05255
(802) 362-1679

To see all the photos of the event, click here.

Fresh fish and an assortment of seafood on display in the Earth & Sea shop.

Fresh fish and an assortment of seafood on display in the Earth & Sea shop.