Uni Ponzu Shooter Recipe

At the Seafood Expo this year, Catalina Offshore Products was serving uni shooters! It was the first time I had a shooter like that, and it was delicious. Although the one at the show was non-alcoholic (obviously), it was still very tasty. So tasty that I had to get the recipe! Catalina's CEO, Dave Rudie, developed this original recipe and was happy to share.


  • Ginger Beer
  • Ponzu
  • Wasabi
  • Masago
  • Garlic chives or green onion

Recipe Guidance

The ratio of ginger beer to ponzu is about 12 ounces (1 bottle) of Ginger beer to 2 tablespoons of ponzu.

The rest is to taste. You can also use 1/2 ginger beer and 1/2 sake, or all sake. Great with uni, oysters, shrimp, and clams.

Correction April 7, 2015: Recipe was initially misattributed to Chef Ken Gardon and has been corrected.