Welcome Bekah Angoff to the Pangea Team!

We are thrilled to introduce Bekah Angoff to the Pangea community! Bekah joins us as a new Account Manager. She has been a chef for over 10+ years in some of Boston's best restaurants and knows seafood like the back of her hand. Bekah has a pretty impressive brag sheet, so make sure to ask her about her experience and pick her brain. And definitely ask her about skiing!

How did you first become interested in oysters?

I worked in a few seafood heavy restaurants as a young cook, so I was introduced to oysters quickly and painfully, via high volume dollar oyster nights. I luckily survived with all of my fingers intact. The most ridiculous thing I ever did with an oyster was garnish a Kusshi with feta cheese – an absolute abomination! The recipient of the oyster loved it, but insisted that I never, EVER do that again. For shame!

What were you doing up to a year ago?

A year ago I was working at a large seafood company as an assistant category manager, serving as an informational liaison between production and the sales team. Also, on the weekends, I am a coach for the Loon Mountain Freestyle Ski Team in Lincoln, NH.

What’s your favorite oyster and why?

Quonnie Rock – Salty, bright, clean, and perfect with champagne

What’s your drink of choice?

Milkshakes by day, bourbon by night.


If you had one super power, what would it be and why?

Superpower? How about flight, so I can escape the spoils of the MBTA.

What song are you digging right now?

Drop the Game – Flume and Chet Faker

Welcome Kate Levinter To the Pangea Shellfish Team

We are so excited to have Kate join the Pangea team! We asked her a few questions to get to know her better:

How did you first become interested in oysters?

I first became interested in oysters  while working at the Summer Shack in Back Bay.  I had never eaten one before, but figured in order to sell them I would need to familiarize myself.  The first oyster I ate went down whole and I felt sick afterwards.  But I found myself oddly craving more the next day.  So I continued to sample them, and after a few days I was hooked! Now I would eat them every day if I could!

What were you doing up to a year ago?

A year ago I was living in Eastham, working at Mac’s Shack in Wellfleet. After spending two summers and one looong winter on Cape Cod, I was ready to come home.  I moved back to Boston in October and was part of the opening team of Row 34, Boston’s newest oyster bar. Eight months later, I decided to try something new and am now part of the fantastic team here at Pangea! 

What’s your drink of choice?

Non-alcoholic: Water! Hydration is important.
Wine: My two favorites - Raventos i  Blanc Gran Reserva Cava, and Gobelsberger Rose. Both pair amazingly well with oysters!

If you had one super power, what would it be and why?

I would like to be able to breathe underwater.  I’ve always been a water baby!

What song are you digging right now?

Favorite song right now: American Kids by Kenny Chesney - great summer song to rock out to and sing along with.

What’s your favorite oyster and why?

Sunken Meadow from Eastham. Unique savory quality.  Like chicken soup!

Please welcome Kate in the next coming weeks! She looks forward to speaking and meeting every one of our customers and fans. If you need any wine recommendations, Kate knows her stuff!

New PEI Oysters In-the-House: Daisy Bay and Irish Point Oysters!

We are adding two new PEI oysters to our selection! From the growers of Raspberry Point Oysters, we are happy to introduce Daisy Bay Oysters and Irish Point Oysters!

Daisy Bay Oysters

Daisy Bay Oysters from Prince Edward Island shucked on a half shell.

Daisy Bay Oysters from Prince Edward Island shucked on a half shell.

The Daisy Bay Oysters have nice sturdy and clean shells.

The Daisy Bay Oysters have nice sturdy and clean shells.

Weighing in at 3.25 inches, the Daisy Bay Oysters look and taste phenomenal. We could clearly tell that the oysters were premium, and after doing a shucking, rightly so. The shells were scrubbed clean of barnacles, and the dark brown ridges made the oysters visually stimulating, which makes them great for display. When shucked, the meats were clean, plump, and glistening. Almost near perfection.

When it comes to taste, these Daisy Bays are super clean, just like the waters of PEI. What I enjoyed most was its dynamic flavor -- an initial mild brininess, but finished with a sweet and pleasant ocean flavor. For comparison's sake, it was similar to a La Saint Simon in that the flavor changed as it moved across your palate. If you're looking for an impressive oyster, this should definitely be in your consideration set.

Irish Point Oysters

The Irish Point Oysters have bright green shells.

The Irish Point Oysters have bright green shells.

Meats are full of liquor and has a briny punch.

Meats are full of liquor and has a briny punch.

For more of a cocktail oyster, the Irish Points are a good option. Under 3 inches, these oysters size around 2.75 inches and are full of brine. What makes them unique is the bright green hue on their shells, which I'm guessing is how they got their names. I have never seen an oyster so green before. They literally looked like leaves -- shamrocks if you put three or four of them together. It was difficult to find words to describe their beauty. You will just have to hold one in your hand to see for yourself.

When it came to shucking, the shells were a tad bit thinner than we would have liked. Because we couldn't do a clean shuck, it mangled some of the meats. Despite that, the oyster definitely provided a briny punch with its liquor. It was clean and salty all the way through. Not one of my favorite oysters on taste, but highly rated for display.

Oysterology will be on the site soon, but until then, feel free to browse through the glamour shots. I think these oyster models are definitely lookers...

Oyster of the Week - January 20, 2014

The Pangea Pearls are here!

Finally, an oyster named after Pangea that we are proud to put our name behind. Many of our customers have been asking for more information about these said "Pearls," and we are so excited to feature them this week!

Grown on the Standish Shore Oyster Farm, the Pangea Pearls are beautiful petite oysters with deep cups. They are tumbled often to mimic the shape of the Kumamoto. The tumbling also promotes a strong shell, which is further pronounced by an elegant fluted exterior (see photos above).

Since the Pearls are also grown in Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts, they have a similar Duxbury flavor as our Standish Shore Selects - sweet and buttery with a clean salty finish. Yet, the Pearls taste more delicate, potentially due to its size, and surprises you with a crisp, succinct flavor. Even though they are smaller than the typical oyster, we were pleasantly surprised by the meat content that the deep cups were holding.

These oysters will present beautifully on ice or even in its packaging! Every order of Pangea Pearls are hand-packed in wooden boxes with the utmost care.

We are so excited to make these available, and we hope you love them as much as we do. At this time, there are only limited amounts available, so make sure to call the shop sooner rather than later.

For full Oysterology details, please click here.

Happy Thanksgiving and Announcing Black Friday Deals!

Photo Credits: www.artofmanliness.com

Photo Credits: www.artofmanliness.com

Happy Thanksgiving Pangea customers, vendors, and fans! We're so grateful for your continued business and support -- we wouldn't be here today without you! Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends!

And after you've stuffed yourself full, we have an awesome Black Friday deal for you, too!

The following oysters will have a discounted price for orders shipping from our shop on Friday, November 29th, 2013:

  • Summersides - $65
  • Mayflower Points - $67
  • Blue Points - $49

Get them while they last, we only have a limited supply at the end of the week! It's a one day sale, so prices will be back to normal the following week. Hope you take advantage of this great deal because who knows the next time these will be around!

Welcome to our New Website!

Without further ado, welcome to our new website! We are so excited to launch the redesigned site because it has some cool, new features that are going to give oyster-buying and oyster-tasting a whole new meaning!

Oysterology® Online 

One of the features we totally love is the revamped Oysterology Online database! It's an extension of our Oysterology Tags so all the information already on the tags are also online. The online version, however, has harvest location maps that shows where our oyster farms are! Here's an example below - it's a map of all our harvest locations!

 We've also added a search functionality where you can search for oyster varieties, harvest locations, flavor profiles, even precise salinity level! If you're looking for a Canadian oyster, search "Canada" and all Canadian oysters we carry will appear! It's like magic! Give it a try on our home page or Oysterology page!

Event Calendar

From time to time, we love making appearances at events or hosting our own! Now there is an active calendar that helps our customers and supporters keep track of what's going on and how they can get involved. Our customers and supporters are like family, so we're excited to spend time with them wherever we are!


With the new site, we will now have a place to host our blog!  This is awesome because now we can share our (innermost) thoughts on oysters, the industry, and on our company to help you digest any important oyster facts and get to know us better! We're a wholesale company that sells oysters, but at the end of the day, we're just people.

As we launch this new site, we hope that you join us on our journey to continue improving our customers' experience, sharing our growers' stories, and spreading our love for oysters.

Thanks for all the support, and cheers to more exciting adventures at Pangea! 

Eat more oysters! 

Pangea Shellfish