Welcome to our New Website!

Without further ado, welcome to our new website! We are so excited to launch the redesigned site because it has some cool, new features that are going to give oyster-buying and oyster-tasting a whole new meaning!

Oysterology® Online 

One of the features we totally love is the revamped Oysterology Online database! It's an extension of our Oysterology Tags so all the information already on the tags are also online. The online version, however, has harvest location maps that shows where our oyster farms are! Here's an example below - it's a map of all our harvest locations!

 We've also added a search functionality where you can search for oyster varieties, harvest locations, flavor profiles, even precise salinity level! If you're looking for a Canadian oyster, search "Canada" and all Canadian oysters we carry will appear! It's like magic! Give it a try on our home page or Oysterology page!

Event Calendar

From time to time, we love making appearances at events or hosting our own! Now there is an active calendar that helps our customers and supporters keep track of what's going on and how they can get involved. Our customers and supporters are like family, so we're excited to spend time with them wherever we are!


With the new site, we will now have a place to host our blog!  This is awesome because now we can share our (innermost) thoughts on oysters, the industry, and on our company to help you digest any important oyster facts and get to know us better! We're a wholesale company that sells oysters, but at the end of the day, we're just people.

As we launch this new site, we hope that you join us on our journey to continue improving our customers' experience, sharing our growers' stories, and spreading our love for oysters.

Thanks for all the support, and cheers to more exciting adventures at Pangea! 

Eat more oysters! 

Pangea Shellfish