Oystoberfest 2016: The Case for the Fall Oyster

Oystoberfest 2016: The Case for the Fall Oyster

At last, the final traces of our New England summer appear to be fading into the rearview here at Pangea World Headquarters. Long days beside the ocean eating oysters have been replaced by shorter days, slightly further away from the ocean, eating much better oysters. It’s a rough lot we have in life, but we carry the burden stoically.

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Recipe: Pork and Clams

Recipe: Pork and Clams

The summer outdoor raw bars are closed, and it is time to take out the stew pot. Think that a bag of clams is only good for a chowder or a fritter? Think again! This dish takes delicately cured pork belly and tops it with marinated Wellfleet clams to make a dish worthy of a chilly fall night.

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Top 10 Reasons To Be Eating (and Pushing) Oysters This Month

It has been a grueling winter, spring, and summer. Some days, it felt like playing Go Fish when ordering product. But now, the worst is pretty much behind us. We are finally reaching the best time of the year... September is here! The baby oysters from last season's crop has been feeding all summer and reaching market size. They've been working out at the gym, pumping iron, and drinking algae-rich shakes. If you're not convinced yet, here are our top 10 reasons for eating more oysters this month:

1. Vibrio season is nearing an end!

Yah, we did a little happy dance.

2. Oysters are getting fat and plump.

And may be too big for you to handle.

3. And oh, the varieties finally in production.


That's right, you'll be a kid in a candy store... when you call early obviously.


4. All the oyster events are in full swing.

Here's just a few in September:


5. Oyster festivals = BEER GARDENS = an excuse to drink


Get those oyster shooters, the crisp white wine, and beer hats ready!

6. You'll start seeing more of the good stuff at $1 Oyster Happy Hours.


No longer are the days of just Blue Points and Malpeques during $1 Happy Hour.

7. Increase your sexual stamina while the kids are finally back in school.


Let's be honest, those little boogers can get in the way sometimes.

8. You'll get mad oyster respect because you know when they're best.


Cheers to you to my friend.

9. Even if you believe in the "R" rule, you no longer have an excuse in September.



10. And most importantly, because you love your local oystermen and appreciate their hard work over the last 18 to 36 months!


Group hug... we at Pangea Shellfish love our oystermen, too.

If you have more reasons why everyone should be eating oysters right now, leave them in the comments below! Let the fall and winter season begin! We can't wait to have oyster stuffing for Thanksgiving again.