Fish Mongers of New York aka "FMONY"

New York City is arguably the capitol of the world. It has so much to offer and a diversity of people no other city can compare. With a population of 8.3 million, the city has tons of personality and naturally, this is represented by its amazing restaurants, markets, and fish mongers!

I made a trip to NYC to see some of our customers, and it was so exciting to see our oysters. What I loved most, though, was the personalities I met along the way. Inspired by Humans of New York aka "HONY," I present to you Fish Mongers of New York aka "FMONY" (pronounced "F Money"; can be interpreted in any way you please because they're all appropriate). If this ever gets catchy, you heard it here first.

I come here once a week and deal with a number of vendors who take care of me.
— Krystof Zizka
You gotta take a picture of these crabs.
You going to take my picture?
We like supporting local fishermen here.
— Bobby Watt

To see my whole NYC oyster adventure, check out the video below! New York City is HUGE (as I learned on that trip), so there are more places to explore. Comment below with your favorite raw bar/seafood restaurant or if you have spotted one of our oysters like Standish Shores in the Big Apple! Huge shout out to the FMONY that made my trip so memorable and enjoyable. Until next time!

Aren’t you cold walking around in shorts?
I started down here fifteen years ago. I started working at New Seafood. Since then, I’ve been with three other companies and pretty much here right now.
— Patrick O'Toole
Can I take a picture with one of you? We never see girls here.
I know three things: fish, oysters, and not to get married a third time.
— Les Barnes
The Lobster Place is celebrating 40 years tonight.
— Davis Herron