Pangea Shellfish Behind the Scenes: The Cape Run

We're like the mailman. Rain, sleet, or snow... we're doing it.

Ever wonder how we get our oysters from the Cape to Boston? Here's a behind the scenes look as we join Mikahail on last Wednesday's "Cape Run." Pick ups may be as early as 5:30 am or as late as 7 pm, it all depends on the tide. In the summertime, it may take 12+ hours to pick up from all the growers scheduled.

That morning, it was raining cats and dogs. The high that day was 52º F. Eventually the skies cleared, and it turned out to be a gorgeous afternoon, but as Mikahail said, "We're like the mailman. Rain, sleet, or snow... we're doing it."

Visiting our friends in the Northeast

Last Friday, I went on a road trip to visit a few friends in the Northeast before heading down to the Milford Oyster Festival. It was really cool to meet the people behind our oysters reaching restaurants and diners every day. These folks care about quality; they love what they do and have fun doing it. I really wanted to capture this, and I think it shines through in the video and photos below. We're honored to partner with some of the best in seafood in the Northeast. Please give them a holler if you're ever looking for our oysters and seafood!

Quality Seafood IN RHODE ISLAND

quality seafood rhode island 2
quality seafood rhode island 3

I drove into a quaint neighborhood in Johnston, Rhode Island and pulled up in front of the shop. It was clear that Quality Seafood was a family business. In the retail shop, photos of Ken Amoriggi and his family hung proudly on the wall. He is the spitting image of his father.

quality seafood rhode island 1

Find them at 23 Greenville Avenue, Johnston, RI 02919 or call them at (401) 437-6688.

I got there in time to watch them unload their daily haul from Boston. They drive to Boston pretty much every day to pick up product because they want to deliver the freshest seafood to their customers. They deliver to many customers in the Providence area and have been growing through word of mouth.

What I enjoyed most about being there was watching the camaraderie. These guys were working hard, but they were also having a good time. Thanks again for making me feel welcome!

Gulf Shrimp in Connecticut

When I walked in to Gulf Shrimp's facility, it was clear that they are serious about seafood. There is a cooler just dedicated to shellfish - I was so impressed!

Gulf Shrimp services the whole state of Connecticut and has a reputation for providing high quality seafood. They pick up from Boston almost every day of the week and source many local products from CT growers.

There's also a huge focus of being sustainable here as well. Scott Wishart, Gulf Shrimp's sales manager, showed me all the fish scraps that were going to be trucked to Boston that would be turned into cat food!

The team here doesn't stop. Seafood processing, retail market sales, deliveries... something is always going on at Gulf Shrimp, seven days a week! Find them at, 240 Atwater Street, Plantsville, CT 06479 or call them at (860) 628-8399.

purdy's farmer and the fish

Out in Salem, New York, you'll find a place with a farm, a market, a restaurant, and a raw bar. Purdy's is a completely vertically integrated venture. All of the produce used in the restaurant is farmed in the backyard and all of the seafood is exclusively distributed by Down East Seafood. Michael Kaphan, who used to work at Down East, partnered with Ed Taylor, owner of the seafood company, to open Farmer and the Fish, hence the name.

Mike has a degree in agriculture management and is at the restaurant year-round. That man knows his ingredients! Having worked in kitchens since he was a teenager and then as a fishmonger, Mike really showed his passion for food.

Everything served that night tasted so fresh, probably because it was all freshly picked! It was also a great opportunity for me to do field research and converse with diners about our oysters because Pangea oysters are heavily represented here. The restaurant was laid back, but upbeat. Drinks were phenomenal (ask for the cucumber mojito), and the front-of-house team was awesome.

It got busy super fast, so make sure you make reservations unless you can get a seat at the bar. And of course, order the shellfish when you're there!

100 Titicus Road, North Salem, NY 10560
(914) 617-8380

A Visit to Greenpoint Fish & Lobster

Whenever I travel, I always try to squeeze in some time to visit our customers and check on our oysters. We move thousands of oysters a day and ship them to our distributors all across the country, so it can be difficult to track down where our oysters go. It's always a pleasant surprise to find our oysters when dining out.

In New York City, we ship to a few restaurants and markets including Greenpoint Fish & Lobster. They've been open for less than a year, but have been generating a ton of buzz lately for being the only local fish market in the Greenpoint/Brooklyn area. They also have a reputation for serving delicious seafood, like our oysters!

I met up with Vinny Saturday afternoon at the shop. He gave me the grand tour of the place and a behind-the-scenes walk to pick up more bagels from The Meat Hook. We chatted about the market, his previous career (he was a lawyer in the music industry), and his seafood family in Boston. The Boston seafood industry is a small world -- Vinny has known Ben and Dan since they were operating Pangea from a single 10' x 20' cooler.

After the tour, we got down to business to do some quality checks. Pangea oysters on the menu that day were Pemaquids, Irish Points, and Paradise Coves. I also tried the Chatham from MA and the Wild Goose from RI. Of the 5, the Pemaquid was my favorite. Cup, meat fill, and flavor were all on point. Wild Goose and Paradise were close seconds. Vinny also had Martha's Vineyards in the display for people to buy and shuck at home!

If you're looking for a place to get awesome oysters (some that come from us!), Greenpoint is definitely worth the trip. Really cool space with awesome staff.

Cheers and #eatmoreoysters,



Greenpoint Fish & Lobster
114 Nassau Ave. at Eckford Street in Brooklyn, NY

(718) 349-0400
Open daily from 11 am - 9 pm

Walk the Freedom Trail while enjoying Boston's finest oysters!


When visiting New England, Boston is a must. One of America's oldest cities, Boston was the social and political epicenter of the country's founding. Since then, much has changed, but it has evolved into New England's economic and cultural hub with many beloved sports teams, prestigious universities, and some of the world's finest medical institutions.

As a coastal city, it goes without saying that Boston has a rich seafood history. In 2014, the Boston Fish Pier celebrated its 100th anniversary! Numerous family owned seafood companies still sit on the fish pier today after being passed down from generation to generation. A city with so much fresh seafood is bound to have many amazing seafood restaurants!

Oysters are no joke in Massachusetts. Some of the world's most well-known oysters, like Wellfleet, are grown just a couple of hours away. Many oyster bars in the city serve oysters harvested within a day! Every New England has their seafood specialty and in Boston, it's oysters.

To help you cover more ground while enjoying some of Massachusetts' best bivalves, we put together an oyster bar hop guide! Enjoy sight seeing at some of the nation's most historic locations, then take a short walk to take a slurping break with a midday pick-me-up. Click on the markers of each map to get more information on the restaurant or historic site.

Boston is a super walkable city, so this itinerary only requires a day or two at most. We recommend doing the tour on a weekend because New England restaurants have wonderful brunch menus and there are always weekend activities going on.

  1. Start the route at Island Creek Oyster Bar for brunch and oysters. Open at 11:30 am on weekends.
  2. Walk over to Fenway Park for a tour of America's most beloved ballpark. The Red Sox are an important part of Boston culture, and if you're a sports fan, you get to sit in the press box!
  3. Head to Citizen's Public House for a quick slurp before making your way to Newbury Street, Boston's Rodeo Drive.
  4. Stop at Select Oyster Bar while window shopping on Newbury.
  5. Walk towards the South End to see the historic brownstone buildings that cover Boston calendar spreads.
  6. Throw a few more oysters back at B&G Oysters before making your way to Boston Common.
  7. Once you reach the Common, find the Freedom Trail marker and follow it as it guides you to numerous historic sites.
  8. Tired of walking? Stop on the Freedom Trail at The Oceanaire Seafood Room, which has a gorgeous raw bar display and a great selection of oysters or Union Oyster House, America's oldest restaurant where they shuck oysters by pounding them on a thick slab of rock.
  9. Continue following the Freedom Trail until you reach the North End. Make your way to Neptune Oyster where you'll find comfort seafood dishes. Wait too long? Head over to Rabia's next door or Mare Oyster Bar for some shooters and crudo.
  10. Decide to continue walking to the end of the Freedom Trail, or give up and pig out on Mike's Pastry cannolis.

If you have a bit more time to visit a few more oyster bars, Les Zygomates and Row 34 in the Fort Point area are also great options for getting your oyster fill. Looking to do a day trip, too? Take a car and drive to Cape Cod, you won't be disappointed.

#eatmoreoysters and have fun!

Pangea Shellfish honored in Shaw's Oyster Hall of Fame

On September 25, Pangea Shellfish was inducted into the Shaw's Crab House Oyster Hall of Fame as the 2014 honoree. It was a huge honor to be recognized with some of the oyster industry's greats -- M.K. Fisher, Rowan Jacobsen, Scott Linkletter, Bill Taylor, Island Creek Oysters, and many others. Besides the delicious dinner at Shaw's Crab House Chicago, we were also there for Shaw's Oyster Fest, and it was a riot! Have you ever heard of a slurp off?

Being in one of the coolest cities in America, we had to do some exploring. It was great to see the Fulton Market area and meet Chef Cosmo Goss of The Publican. We even biked around the city and made our way up to the Skydeck in Willis Tower!

Chicago sunset from the Skydeck in the Willis Tower

Chicago sunset from the Skydeck in the Willis Tower

Ben pictured with Sarah Johnson and Steve Lahaie of Shaw's Chicago

Ben pictured with Sarah Johnson and Steve Lahaie of Shaw's Chicago

Cosmo Goss, Chef de Cuisine at The Publican

Cosmo Goss, Chef de Cuisine at The Publican

Huge thanks again to everyone at Shaw's for bringing us out to Chicago. We're super honored to be a vendor of such an awesome establishment and hope more Midwesterners fall in love with our oysters!

Taking a Trip To Orlando, Baby!

Last weekend, I had a chance to fly down to Orlando, Florida to see a couple of friends including the folks at Bar Harbor Seafood! Rumor has it, they have the best lobster roll in the state, and after the first bite, I was hooked! Bar Harbor is known for their lobster -- they process about 55,000 pounds of lobster a week! That's almost 2.9 million pounds a year!

Here are some of the photos highlighting the trip...

bar harbor lobster pangea shellfish

Lobster lobster lobster! You should see their new lobster tank... All filled with snappin' lobstahs!

Mark Corley was nice enough to take time out of his schedule to walk me through their large facility. He tells me that you can find Bar Harbor products at all the local theme parks! Even Sea World, which is a little awkward...

Bar Harbor and Orlando-12.jpg

Besides the wholesale operation, Bar Harbor has an attached retail market that actually started out as an employee cafeteria. Now, they provide fresh seafood to all the locals, some who even drive from 50 miles away!

And how could I leave out their famous lobster roll. God, it was delicious...

While I was in Orlando, I naturally had to visit a few oyster bars to taste some oysters. I walked in to CityFish Restaurant nearby my hotel to have some oyster shooters, and what do I find on the menu? STANDISH SHORE OYSTERS!

I was so giddy with happiness I could barely contain myself! And of course, I had to tip my hat off to the chef personally for having good taste in oysters. Earned my respect instantly.

Although it was thunderstorming all weekend (so much for Disney World), it was a good trip. Even picked up a few new toys at the Colonial Photo and Hobby store! (Photography is a very expensive hobby...)

To see all the photos from the trip, visit our Flickr page here.

Until next time folks! #eatmoreoysters!


Fish Mongers of New York aka "FMONY"

New York City is arguably the capitol of the world. It has so much to offer and a diversity of people no other city can compare. With a population of 8.3 million, the city has tons of personality and naturally, this is represented by its amazing restaurants, markets, and fish mongers!

I made a trip to NYC to see some of our customers, and it was so exciting to see our oysters. What I loved most, though, was the personalities I met along the way. Inspired by Humans of New York aka "HONY," I present to you Fish Mongers of New York aka "FMONY" (pronounced "F Money"; can be interpreted in any way you please because they're all appropriate). If this ever gets catchy, you heard it here first.

I come here once a week and deal with a number of vendors who take care of me.
— Krystof Zizka
You gotta take a picture of these crabs.
You going to take my picture?
We like supporting local fishermen here.
— Bobby Watt

To see my whole NYC oyster adventure, check out the video below! New York City is HUGE (as I learned on that trip), so there are more places to explore. Comment below with your favorite raw bar/seafood restaurant or if you have spotted one of our oysters like Standish Shores in the Big Apple! Huge shout out to the FMONY that made my trip so memorable and enjoyable. Until next time!

Aren’t you cold walking around in shorts?
I started down here fifteen years ago. I started working at New Seafood. Since then, I’ve been with three other companies and pretty much here right now.
— Patrick O'Toole
Can I take a picture with one of you? We never see girls here.
I know three things: fish, oysters, and not to get married a third time.
— Les Barnes
The Lobster Place is celebrating 40 years tonight.
— Davis Herron