Introducing our first online oyster course

We are very very excited to introduce our first online oyster course!

We heard from many of you looking for oyster trainings and resources, so we wanted to create something virtual to give you access to it any where, any time!

This free course is a series of 10 short videos (the longest one is only 5:30 min long) and covers all the important topics on oysters including

  • how oysters are farmed;
  • different varieties of oysters;
  • oyster seasonality;
  • how to buy and store oysters; and
  • of course, how to shuck oysters!

This is a great course for anyone who is looking to learn more about oysters or looking to refresh themselves on the basics. Whether you're in the food industry looking to train new team members or just a curious foodie, this will be a great resource to have in your toolbox. Much of the course content can be found somewhere on our site, but these videos are a succinct way of digesting all that oyster knowledge in 40 minutes or less.

Again, this course is free and there are no expiration dates or deadlines. Binge watch all of it or one at a time at your own pace, and we're confident that afterwards, you'll be the one educating your family and friends at your next oyster gathering!

Welcome Bekah Angoff to the Pangea Team!

We are thrilled to introduce Bekah Angoff to the Pangea community! Bekah joins us as a new Account Manager. She has been a chef for over 10+ years in some of Boston's best restaurants and knows seafood like the back of her hand. Bekah has a pretty impressive brag sheet, so make sure to ask her about her experience and pick her brain. And definitely ask her about skiing!

How did you first become interested in oysters?

I worked in a few seafood heavy restaurants as a young cook, so I was introduced to oysters quickly and painfully, via high volume dollar oyster nights. I luckily survived with all of my fingers intact. The most ridiculous thing I ever did with an oyster was garnish a Kusshi with feta cheese – an absolute abomination! The recipient of the oyster loved it, but insisted that I never, EVER do that again. For shame!

What were you doing up to a year ago?

A year ago I was working at a large seafood company as an assistant category manager, serving as an informational liaison between production and the sales team. Also, on the weekends, I am a coach for the Loon Mountain Freestyle Ski Team in Lincoln, NH.

What’s your favorite oyster and why?

Quonnie Rock – Salty, bright, clean, and perfect with champagne

What’s your drink of choice?

Milkshakes by day, bourbon by night.


If you had one super power, what would it be and why?

Superpower? How about flight, so I can escape the spoils of the MBTA.

What song are you digging right now?

Drop the Game – Flume and Chet Faker

Pangea Shellfish honored in Shaw's Oyster Hall of Fame

On September 25, Pangea Shellfish was inducted into the Shaw's Crab House Oyster Hall of Fame as the 2014 honoree. It was a huge honor to be recognized with some of the oyster industry's greats -- M.K. Fisher, Rowan Jacobsen, Scott Linkletter, Bill Taylor, Island Creek Oysters, and many others. Besides the delicious dinner at Shaw's Crab House Chicago, we were also there for Shaw's Oyster Fest, and it was a riot! Have you ever heard of a slurp off?

Being in one of the coolest cities in America, we had to do some exploring. It was great to see the Fulton Market area and meet Chef Cosmo Goss of The Publican. We even biked around the city and made our way up to the Skydeck in Willis Tower!

Chicago sunset from the Skydeck in the Willis Tower

Chicago sunset from the Skydeck in the Willis Tower

Ben pictured with Sarah Johnson and Steve Lahaie of Shaw's Chicago

Ben pictured with Sarah Johnson and Steve Lahaie of Shaw's Chicago

Cosmo Goss, Chef de Cuisine at The Publican

Cosmo Goss, Chef de Cuisine at The Publican

Huge thanks again to everyone at Shaw's for bringing us out to Chicago. We're super honored to be a vendor of such an awesome establishment and hope more Midwesterners fall in love with our oysters!

Top 10 Reasons To Be Eating (and Pushing) Oysters This Month

It has been a grueling winter, spring, and summer. Some days, it felt like playing Go Fish when ordering product. But now, the worst is pretty much behind us. We are finally reaching the best time of the year... September is here! The baby oysters from last season's crop has been feeding all summer and reaching market size. They've been working out at the gym, pumping iron, and drinking algae-rich shakes. If you're not convinced yet, here are our top 10 reasons for eating more oysters this month:

1. Vibrio season is nearing an end!

Yah, we did a little happy dance.

2. Oysters are getting fat and plump.

And may be too big for you to handle.

3. And oh, the varieties finally in production.


That's right, you'll be a kid in a candy store... when you call early obviously.


4. All the oyster events are in full swing.

Here's just a few in September:


5. Oyster festivals = BEER GARDENS = an excuse to drink


Get those oyster shooters, the crisp white wine, and beer hats ready!

6. You'll start seeing more of the good stuff at $1 Oyster Happy Hours.


No longer are the days of just Blue Points and Malpeques during $1 Happy Hour.

7. Increase your sexual stamina while the kids are finally back in school.


Let's be honest, those little boogers can get in the way sometimes.

8. You'll get mad oyster respect because you know when they're best.


Cheers to you to my friend.

9. Even if you believe in the "R" rule, you no longer have an excuse in September.



10. And most importantly, because you love your local oystermen and appreciate their hard work over the last 18 to 36 months!


Group hug... we at Pangea Shellfish love our oystermen, too.

If you have more reasons why everyone should be eating oysters right now, leave them in the comments below! Let the fall and winter season begin! We can't wait to have oyster stuffing for Thanksgiving again.


Hollander & De Koning Mussels Are Back Strong



Fiona de Koning
Acadia Aqua Farms

Down on the farm, mussels back in top form!

BAR HARBOR, ME: It has been tough up here on the coast of Maine. The winter was “double strength brutal” according to our boat captain and seasoned farmer, Theo de Koning. Then there followed an intensive spawn period that went on much longer than we have seen on this side of the Atlantic.

The water temperature is lower this summer than the previous year. This has resulted in a nice, delicate consistency, and full flavor in the new meats of these summer mussels.

Mussels are on our menu every week. You can always trust a farmer who enjoys their own produce, and they are “wicked good” right now! In summertime, we love to eat mussels steamed with wine, garlic, black pepper and a few chopped vegetables (leeks, onion, red and green peppers and a bay leaf), which is best served with nice crunchy bread.

There are so many fun ways to serve mussels and we use them in many recipes, but in summertime, it is good to keep it simple, to enjoy these succulent shellfish while still having time for all the summer activities on the coast!

About Acadia Aqua Farms: Acadia Aqua Farm is a family-owned Maine company based in Bar Harbor. It is currently the largest shellfish leaseholder in the State of Maine. The owner, Theo de Koning, is a fifth generation Dutch mussel farmer and has been farming for more than twenty years. For more information about the de Konings and their mussels, please visit