Plum Island Oysters 

Oysterology Details

Harvest Locations
Estuaries of Ipswich, Massachusetts

Size and Availability
3.75 inches | Limited - November through March

Flavor Profile
Extremely plump - buttery and sweet with a hint of salt. A rare oyster from the cold waters of the North Shore of Massachusetts.

Flavor Influenced By 

  • Salinity: 2.6% < 3.5% full oceanic salinity
  • Tides: Freshwater input of rivers and streams - much colder waters than Cape Cod
  • Bottom Makeup: Clean sand and rocks with seaweed

Growout Method
Wild oyster beds in up to 8 ft. of water at low tide. Fishermen hand-pick or bull-rake these oysters at low tide. Time to market: 3 to 4 years.